We exist to nurture your whole self and cultivate joy — it’s a one-stop merchandising and store for products that are the best versions of themselves.




We put you first—and we believe you should put yourself first, too. Our promise to you is that everything has been researched based on solid criteria. It must be cruelty-free. It must use the least amount of packaging and plastic possible and be crafted with a consciousness toward its environmental impact. And, it has to work! Products that fall short on promise are a waste of resources, in every regard.

For us, these criteria constitute compassion — for our planet and all life on it. Will our choices always be 100% perfect? Nay. This site is a work in progress and mindful cultivation that will each day strive toward improvement.

These ideas aren’t unique to Witty Supply, but bringing them together here definitely feels like something new: A merchandising and store built on compassion and stocked with beauty, fashion, organic products and more for everyone – from the mindful, conscious consumer to the product junkie who loves to shop.